08/02/2021 - Who has the right to repair your phone, tractor or medical device? PA considers a bill to decide

Right to repair legislation would make it easier for consumers to fix their devices. But industry groups contend it could harm privacy and safety.

08/02/2021 - In climate push, federal reviews to nudge new infrastructure projects toward clean energy

Federal energy regulators are working to consider greenhouse gas emissions and environmental justice concerns when approving new infrastructure like oil and gas pipelines, while easing barriers to renewables and energy storage.

08/02/2021 - Forgotten oil and gas wells linger, leaking toxic chemicals

Many of the wells are releasing methane, a greenhouse gas containing about 86 times the climate-warming power of carbon dioxide over two decades. Some are leaking chemicals such as benzene, a known carcinogen, into fields and groundwater.

08/02/2021 - EPA takes up environmental justice complaint against Philly's permit for natural gas power plant

Residents and activists say the project will increase air pollution and lock in reliance on fossil fuels. They claim institutional racism is involved in the decision.

08/01/2021 - Greentrolling: Climate activists tackle disinformation on social media with wit and memes

Environmental activists, researchers, lawmakers and others are haunting corporate social media feeds to push back against greenwashing.

08/01/2021 - Drilled Podcast: Plastic Pipelines: And then there was Covid...

Just as the fossil fuel industry was starting to worry about demand for single use plastics, along comes a global pandemic that they could leverage to push more of the stuff. And they did! But was it enough to save them entirely?

08/01/2021 - Environmental groups urge Senate to pass bill banning single-use plastics in the Philippines

Environment groups have challenged the Senate to urgently pass a measure that would regulate the production and use of single-use plastics, after the House of Representatives approved a counterpart bill last week.

08/01/2021 - EVs are changing the future of roadside breakdown

You can’t tow an electric car when it’s run out of charge, so what do you do?

08/01/2021 - Earth's energy imbalance removes almost all doubt from human-made climate change

A new study found a less than 1 percent probability that a growing imbalance between the amount of energy Earth absorbs and what it emits out occurred naturally.

08/01/2021 - Ex-SpaceX engineers in race to build first commercial electric speedboat

LA-based Arc Boat company announces $4.25m seed fund to start work on 475-horsepower craft.