10/28/2021 - Biden administration plans roll backs of Trump-era Endangered Species Act rules

The first change to be proposed by Commerce and Interior agencies would expand the definition of what is considered habitat for listed species.

10/28/2021 - John Kerry faces long odds to cement legacy at climate summit

The former presidential hopeful, secretary of State and senator will try to convince reluctant nations to take stronger action to fight climate change — even as his own country makes only halting progress.

10/28/2021 - Schwarzenegger: 'Nothing is getting done' at U.N. climate summits

"What does a promise and a pledge mean in the end?" Schwarzenegger asked. "Nothing."

10/28/2021 - The data center of the future is made of algae bricks and runs on hydrogen

Inside Microsoft’s efforts to build a low-impact data center (because it’s building almost 100 a year).

10/28/2021 - This new ‘net zero’ standard is designed to create climate pledges that aren’t greenwashing

It requires companies to calculate emissions from the use of their products, set short-term goals, and continually reassess their targets.

10/28/2021 - Are our treats too tricky?

Candy is a staple of Halloween and other American holidays, but it comes with hidden environmental costs

10/28/2021 - Pittsburgh city leaders introduce new bill to prevent lead poisoning in children

Allegheny County and Pittsburgh’s water authority already have two of the most progressive policies in the country in place to address lead poisoning in children.

10/28/2021 - In protecting good oil and gas jobs, some California trade unions clash with climate activists

Climate goals can suffer when job quality is pitted against protecting the planet and vulnerable communities.

10/28/2021 - Glasgow imagines its future after COVID and COP26

An event called ‘After the Pandemic’ will run adjacent to COP26 and propose ways the city can emerge stronger and more resilient.

10/28/2021 - Arizona Latina moms, environmental advocates fight air pollution with electric school bus

In one west Phoenix neighborhood, several Latina moms came together in a grassroots organization that works to spark environmental change in Latinx communities to help their kids by targeting the air-fouling diesel school buses their children ride each day.